the tribe has spoken


We're revealing quite a lot about ourselves with this weeks pick for the show of the week, but there is currently no prime time show that involves more craft than SURVIVOR. I mean you just have to look at the immunity idols and neckpieces, challenge game pieces and tribal council sets to see that the handmade is alive and well at CBS.
We here at hml love it, although we always wish they'd get a decent carver or basket weaver on the show to make more Gilligans Island type shelters, but I guess without the genius of the Professor or the overseeing eye of Thurston Howell the 3rd where are you...

survivors are you ready?

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Anonymous said...

I've been watching downloaded episodes from the US - wait till you see the uber-skull made of twigs on Exile Island. HML'll be whippin' them up in a frenzy as quick as look at you.