shake your tailfeather


BECK: Ok so I went to a family wedding in Echuca last year, wedding was nice, bride looked beautiful, groom looked terrified, usual stuff... I did manage to slip away from the nuptials (as any HML laydee worth her salt would) and made the most of the shopping strip. I found some pure country craft magic in the shape of this hand knitted numbat, and what a delight it is, especially it's tail which I'm sure used at least 3 Patons fireside 8 ply balls in it's construction. It's a much better souvenier than the 60 y/old boiled lollies they were trying to foist upon us in every store as well...which begs the question what is it with 'historical' country towns and boiled lollies anyway, have they never heard of a pollywaffle?

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