love shack


really given the theme, could it be anything else but this...

Beware those who dont like a spoiler - the U.S. website is weeks ahead of us. You can however use this insiders guide to uncannily predict exiled survivors from week to week and amaze your workmates around the watercooler.

We thought those of you who might not be interested in Survivor per se but still harbour a love of all things bamboo might like to order their own 'Survivor shack' for the backyard. The HML office is being transformed as we speak into Tiki Lounge Splendour. The appeal? If you can lash furniture together with bamboo and rope, mix a mean pina colada and wear a good batik print all the while - what is not to love about that?

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annadee said...

Have you ladies seen this?

pro-life britney

are they for real with the pro-life stuff? I thought American's didn't understand iron-nee
cheers, Anna