love of the common people


Common Goods: culture meets through craft.

We here at HML are not known for our love of the earnest. We tend to like our art and life straight up and flying slightly to the left. The Common Goods on show at Melbourne Museum have come about from a series of residencies and partnerships fostered by Craft Victoria and the Festival of Melbourne which have brought together artists from across the Commonwealth. So in between buying tickets for the weightlifing, karak merchandising and wondering what Thorpeeee will be doing with his hair, why not take in some craft with a capital 'C'.
Jenny Bartholemew's kooky creatures (see above) never fail to break the ice at what can often be a dullsville academic soiree, they also make a nice entry point in to what turns out to be an exhibition nowhere near as boring as it sounds in the literature...we promise.

God Save the Queen, really.

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