it's a frock off!


Yinka Shonibare The Masked Ball
The most bewitiching video installation ever made is now on show at the NGV:A as part of the Contemporary Commonwealth show. Why this piece isn't at ACMI who are hosting the 'moving' aspect of the exhibition we can only wonder...show runs until May 21

Martin Grant's little black dress
There is still time to see this almost too perfect show at NGV:A (yes we were trapped there this week in an endless loop of beautiful frocks and fancies). The show runs until May 7 but you'll be surprised how quickly time flies (this week was our fourth visit, it's that good).

Now there is something else that has filled this week at HML - anticipation.

We have been counting down the days and feeling a little bit giddy waiting to get get get on down at THE event of the weekend - BOLLYWOOD AT THE BOWL. We believe it's time we put on our boogie shoes, and well, we love bollywood... a lot.
If you want to catch a glimpse of the kind of masala magic that will be on offer we suggest you check out the long limbed Punjabi magic of number one son Mr Abishek Bachchan
whoa! can that boy bust a move.

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