A bird in the hand...


BECK: This week was all about flipping the bird, literally. Pictured above are double sided bird decorations inspired by a batch of 'pretty birdy' cards I made earlier in the week. They were fun to make but a royal pain in the butt to photograph. I'd like to think of a reason for their existence, but I cant think of a single religious or secular holiday that actually requires the hanging of polka dot birds as part of its decorative identity. Still, they're kinda cute... and any excuse to use the term flip the bird is ok in my book.

RAMONA: What is really weird is that as Beck was stanley knifing her way round a robin shape, I too was inspired by our feathered friends and happened to have some polka dotted felt to play with. This was actually done without any discussion in the offices of HML...spooky stuff.

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